Four Pass Thermic Fluid Heater

Solid fuel fired four pass thermopack solid fired thermopac system is forced circulation and automatic thermic fluid heater in liquid phase. In the system thermic fluid is circulated and heated upto 300° c and re-circulated to dissipate heat into the process. The combined expansion cum dearator tank ensures the system vapourless and pressureless. Range starts from 50000 kcal/hr. To 50,00,000 kcal/hr. Generating capacity. 1. Airpreheater 2. F. D. Fan 3. I. D. Fan 4. Furnace 5. Refractory duct 6. Ash settling chamber 7. Radiant heat exchanger 8. Convective heat exchanger convection heat exchanger convection zone heat exchanger is designed on coil to coil principle comprising 2 coils fabricated out of high heat resistant erw boiler tubes. It is equipped with special fly ash collecting device. Outer surface of the heat exchanger is covered with insulating panel consisting high grade insulating materials radiant heat exchanger the coil of rediant heat exchanger conical shape and fabricated out of high heat resistant erw boiler tube. It is mounted on suitable designed furnace. It is fabricated out or heavy duty material and provided with necessary fuel feeding arrangement. Furnace is constructed with high quality fire bricks and insulation bricks. The bricks wall is designed in such a way it ensures minimum heat loss. The furnace also is equipped with high heat resistant casting. Refractory connection (duct) both radiant and convection heat exchangers are connected by a specially designed refractory duct which allows flue gas pass from radiant to convection exchanger. (made of insulating bricks, fire crete super and insulite 7 material) instrumentation & safety controls

  • digital electronic indicator cum controller for return temperature  for id fan cut off.
  • digital electronic indicator cum controller for forward temperature for id fan cut off.
  • forward high temperature safety controller shut off the unit in case of the forward temperature
  • exceeds maximum recommended temperature.
  • low level controller in expansion cum dearator tank shut off the unit in case of low thermic fluid level in tank.
  • pressure gauge for inlet pressure measurement.
  • electronic stack temperature controller shuts off the unit in case of abnormally high temp.
  • differential pressure switch shut off unit in case of abnormal thermic fluid flow condition.
  • audio visual alarm for abnormal operating conditions.
  • pressure gauge for circuit pressure measurement.